Why Hologram

3D Hologram sticker anti-fake product


What is holography?

Holography is three-dimensional laser photography. The hologram is a true, three-dimensional record of the original object. It contains depth and parallax, which is the ability to see around the object to objects placed behind.

Why use Hologram?

Holograms cannot be copied by conventional reprographic means (copiers or scanners and printers). Their effects cannot be reproduced or simulated by conventional printing or finishing techniques. The skills, technology and investment involved in their design, origination and manufacture ensures that their production is beyond the reach of most would-be counterfeiters, while even the most determined forgers will be unlikely to produce holograms that are effective and accurate copies of the original.

Features and Benefits of Security Holograms

Combats Counterfeiting
• Cannot be optically scanned by computer
• Cannot be reproduced with a photocopier

Deterrent to Counterfeiting
• Provides Product Authentication
• Quick and Easy Optical Validation
• Embedded and Hidden Images in the Hologram

Increased Brand Sales
• Enhances Packaging Appeal
• Improves Consumer Brand Awareness


  • 3D Hologram sticker anti-fake product
  • 3D Hologram sticker anti-fake product